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December 23, 2014
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December 23, 2014
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OrangeTrips Customer Feedback by, Jigna Sameer


OrangeTrips Customer Feedback

Hi everyone I am Jigna Sameer come to maldives for the first time with OrangeTrips. After coming here we really know this is paradise on earth there is no place in comparison to maldives. We have come here for the family trip which is oraganised by OrangeTrips. We got us here for a 3 nights stay. Let me tell you one thing OrangeTrips have arranged sea plan for this would be icing on the cake and i still do experience and i know it will be great.

OrangeTrips tour to Maldives offers a great experience and a wonderful holiday for families. Sunshine and warm sea, tonnes of fun activities and glorious technicolor underwater life – it’s a recipe for family holiday success. OrangeTrips offers us the happiest experiences of Crystal clear waters, white sand beaches and some of the world’s most unique tropical architecture. Paradise is a truly justified superlative when talking about OrangeTrips tour to Maldives. A Heartily Thanks  to  OrangeTrips for making our tour a memorable one.

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